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Blastrac Maintenance pads

The perfect solurion for floor maintenance

The Diamag maintenance pads come in different sizes (Ø100, Ø125, Ø155, Ø185 & Ø240mm) and several grit sizes (from grit 400 to grit 3000). The Diamag maintenance pads can be used dry or with water and don’t need any chemicals. The Diamag maintenance pads are specially designed for maintaining polished concrete floors, or to be used as the last step in the polishing process, for a fine result.

  • Maintenance pads

Maintenance pads

Maintenance pads
CodeWorking widthGrit size
BG125M004Ø125 mm400
BG125M005Ø125 mm800
BG125M006Ø125 mm1500
BG125M007Ø125 mm3000


Maintenance pads
BG155M001Ø155 mm40
BG155M002Ø155 mm100
BG155M003Ø155 mm200
BG155M004Ø155 mm400
BG155M005Ø155 mm800
BG155M006Ø155 mm1500
BG155M007Ø155 mm3000


Maintenance pads
BG185M001Ø185 mm40
BG185M002Ø185 mm100
BG185M003Ø185 mm200
BG185M004Ø185 mm400
BG185M005Ø185 mm800
BG185M006Ø185 mm1500
BG185M007Ø185 mm3000


Maintenance pads
BG240M001Ø240 mm40
BG240M002Ø240 mm100
BG240M003Ø240 mm200
BG240M004Ø240 mm400
BG240M005Ø240 mm800
BG240M006Ø240 mm1500
BG240M007Ø240 mm3000

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