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Blastrac Burnisher pads

Micro polishing pads are perfect for achieving and maintaining a high-polish shine on concrete without application of additional coatings.

These micro polishing pads are specially designed to fit with the Burnisher BB-700E. These pads are designed for polishing large surfaces of up to 10.000m2.

  • Burnisher pads


Burnisher pads
PA-10927000Ø700 mmPolierpad #0 (ohne Diamanten)
PA-109200EØ700 mmPolierpad #200
PA-109400EØ700 mmPolierpad #400
PA-109800EØ700 mmPolierpad #800
PA-1091500EØ700 mmPolierpad #1500
PA-1093000EØ700 mmPolierpad #3000

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